Iconography can be tricky

Artistic renderings of Óðr are few and far between, likely because of the paucity of information on him in the lore. So it was kind of cool to stumble across this image from Mythology Wiki


Except … uh … is it just me, or does that look uncomfortably like an idealized rendering of a certain failed Austrian art student? Must be why Heathens have to grow beards

Anyway, I much prefer this for Óðr:


4 thoughts on “Iconography can be tricky

  1. Even if it doesn’t look like the one to whom you alluded, it does look like some sort of Star Wars helmet less Storm Trooper caught too long on Hoth who had to salvage the skin of the wampa that Luke killed in order to survive, or something like that…

    But the other image is a great one, always.

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  2. I think he looks more like an Edwardian Englishman than an “Adolph”. The artist is Nicolas Giacondino. He’s done some fun renditions of characters from a sci-fi war gaming setting I’m into .

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