Getting serious Starry Bear vibes off this

6 thoughts on “Getting serious Starry Bear vibes off this

  1. Ah…leave it to the Ukrainians to make something like this! I thought I heard a strain in there that reminded me of something, and I was right: Ruslana’s “Wild Dances” from back in ’04 at Eurovision (or was it ’03?). Anyway…yes!

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          1. Now that you mention it: there was that one time in the cave of Lascaux when our mutual friend, D3wrrbb, played the photo-tune to this on a bone flute, you were pretty gone on the Amanita, and I had the slight panic attach due to the cramped quarters and pissed myself before vomiting, which accounts for some of the discoloration on the aurochs depictions…thank you for reminding me of that! ;)


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