Speaking of hibernation …


There are also two periods when Dionysos feels most Óðr-like to me – the first stretching roughly from November 11th to January 6th and the second running from April 1st to June 24th.

When it comes time for a Starry Bear calendar I’ll probably cluster his festivals accordingly.

Or, you know, Bacchize the various folk Catholic feast-days that fall within those time-spans.


Maybe I could alternate – one year Starry Bull, the following Starry Bear; Starry Bull, Starry Bear; Starry Bull, Starry Bear, etc. 

One thought on “Speaking of hibernation …

  1. That is an interesting photo…and all of the animal-headed figures looking in the direction of the musician, and the lady with the raised hand not holding the adjacent hand on the other end, suggest to me the conversation between those folks and the musician, “Tell me the steps to this dance once again? I’m not clear on it, and I think you’re high!” Especially the Rabbit. Oh well. “Feed Your Head.”

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