Prayer for an Oracular Dream

Hear me, kindly Lord of the Earth’s rich bounty,
master of my passionate heart,
Dionysos at the head of the triumphant procession,
Bromios entwined in ivy and ripe bunches of grapes,
Zagreus who dwells in the Deep and hunts beneath the Moon’s full light,
and by whatever other names you like, hear me, as you have heard me before!
Lord who weaves the fantastic dreams while we sleep,
who sends forth oracles by day and night,
who fills minds and bodies with powerful, prophetic spirits,
who dances with the mad women on the side of the mountain.
Hither, O Blessed One, O mighty son of heavenly Zeus,
be kind and look upon me graciously,
and to your passionate servant reveal a sign,
and when I sleep send to me
an oracular dream, true and without fault.