Apomainesthai: A Rite of Relaxation

Apomainesthai (to end the frenzy of the mind)

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least five minutes. You may choose to light candles or incense, or play calming music, if such things are conducive to your relaxation. But these are not necessary.

The rite:
Stand with your arms raised heavenward, fingers extended. Imagine that you are reaching up to Olympos, the Abode of the Gods.


“Dionysos, Lord, you are a blessing to mortalkind, you who carry off our sorrows and fill our hearts to bursting with joy.”

Now slowly lower your arms, and envision a calming light descending through your body, from the top of your head to your belly and beyond, as warm wine fills you when it’s drunk. As you lower your arms, intone his names, vibrating each syllable carefully. Feel the God’s presence enfold you, his power dissolving all of the anxieties, mental blocks, and daimonic hindrances that are keeping you from reaching a state of contentment.

Appropriate names for this exercise are:

Bakchos, Lysios, Bromios, Bassareus, Zagreus

But you may use whichever ones you have a strong connection to.

Stop when your hands reach your sides, and extend them in front of you, with palms down, facing the earth. Stand like this in silence for several moments, and feel the calmness, strength, and fecundity of the earth flowing into you through your hands. Imagine that energy rising up to meet the heavenly energy that you drew down, mingling into one.

Now slowly bring your hands up and fold them over your chest, so that you resemble a mummy. Remain in this stance for several moments, envisioning ivy tendrils wrapping themselves around your legs, working themselves up your body until they have formed a cocoon around you. This is the cool, soothing ivy that kept the baby Dionysos safe in the womb while the flames devoured Semele around him. Similarly, they shall protect you from whatever anxieties, mental blocks, or daimonic hindrances were troubling you.

Perform this rite as frequently as you like. It works great as a daily devotional act, as well as preparation for sacred workings, or a way of stilling your mind and calming your emotions.