Where there’s smoke

It kind of amuses me that they’re making such a big deal about the whole Black Sun thing now. I mean, I’ve used the pics in a bunch of posts, and written quite extensively on the subject. If I thought this was something shameful and to be kept secret I’m doing rather a shitty job of it, don’t you think?

Here’s some real ammunition, folks, rather than gossip and insinuation to go by.

Read and judge for yourself.

That’s why I use the symbol. That’s what it means to me. Not Nazism. 

And of course folks are free to disagree with my interpretation and usage and disassociate or push back however they please. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong and stupid.

Though your argument that Scarlet Magdalene gets to decide what’s antisemitic because she’s Jewish, well, that’s just bullshit. And disappointing, because I’ve come to expect better of you. 

I mean, I asked five Jews and they all said it was cool. Granted five isn’t a minyan, but it’s bigger than one. If we’re going by your metric, shouldn’t that carry more weight?

And unlike a certain someone these were observant Jews, albeit like her at least three of them had broken the Mosaic commandment against having other Gods. One is also an adulterer, but I respect his opinion on religious and magical matters because people are complex and complicated. Just because you know one fact about someone doesn’t mean you know anything about who they are or what their life and world are like. 

I just question your timing and tenacity and dishonesty. 

Why, it’s almost like you’re trying to smokescreen folks. 

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  1. Her argument is so reductionist it sickens me. She acts as if only Jews have ever been the victims of Nazis. What about the rest of us, Scarlet? Do we not get a say in what’s racist? Do our voices matter less? If some of us are ready to move on, shouldn’t our opinions be heard? Why does your vote count more than the rest of us who suffered just as much as your people did? And this isn’t some kind of “Irish Slavery” argument. I mean the people that were literally in the camps with the Jews.

    As a bi-racial (particularly Hispanic) person who has at least three disabilities, is a Freemason (Hitler didn’t like the fraternity too much), has experimented with their gender and sexuality, etc. I say the Black Sun is not racist. My voice matters just as much as yours

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        1. You are right – she neglects the Roma, the Slavs, the people with disabilities, the Russians, the trade unionists, the sexual nonconformists, women who used birth control, fellow Germans….. a lot of people died in the Camps such as 11 million Russians…. I do believe that Holocaust pushback comes from the guilt that people are made to feel about the Jews being decimated. I haven’t heard anything about the Roma who were equally decimated.


          1. Probably because there isn’t a bunch of widely popular books and movies about it. That’s the unfortunate thing: unless it’s been marketed, people don’t often hear about it. The more you think about this fiasco the more you realize that this speaks to what’s wrong with Western society today. It’s sickening

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            1. It reminds me of all the hand-wringing over the Kurds after Trump left Syria. Now, sometime afterwards, the President of Turkey comes to Washington D.C. to see Trump. Any discussion about the plight of the Kurds in the American media? crickets. Only one news group is doing a special about the Kurds since their reporter had been embedded with them for years. (NBC).

              Now, it is Ukraine… except who really cares about Ukraine (who is not Ukrainian)? Once the hearings are over, will Ukraine be mentioned again?

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              1. It’s the same with every controversy. We’ll obsess about it for weeks on end until the next thing we’re all supposed to fight over. We’re no more invested in our world than we are in the latest Monster of the Week on a TV show


              2. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Ukraine ever since the Pope had that augury related mishap where he released a dove to bring peace to the region and it was immediately attacked and killed by a corvid (can’t recall if it was crow or raven) and a seagull. You don’t need to be the Pontifex Maximus of Rome to know that’s a bad fucking omen.

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                1. O gosh, I had forgotten that. Thanks for reminding me. Seagulls have meaning also. I have to look that up in my big book of bird omens. (Yes, I do possess such a thing.)


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