Not a damn thing

I wish I was pissed off at the moment so I could use this pic we recently found on my wife’s phone:


But you know what? Everything’s going pretty good in my life right now.

I mean, I got some really awesome Gods and Spirits – especially the Toys of Dionysos and the Harlequinade, who have been particularly present of late. There’s so much great music out there. Halloween is only a couple days away. One of my enemies was just booted off of Patheos Pagan for fighting with another of my enemies. A third enemy is clearly experiencing a very public breakdown and descent into delusional paranoia. Pantheacon is shutting down because of contentious identity politics. I’m reconnecting with old friends. I’ve experienced an upsurge in book sales. And in January we’ll be starting the Bakcheion festival-cycle here at the House of Vines, where I have the best readers on the web.

What have I got to be pissed about? Not a damn thing.

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