I just realized something (that I’m not sure if I’ve realized before)

One of the confirmatory signs that led to me formally initiating a relationship with Spider was seeing this truck drive by:


Not that exact truck, mind you, but it had that image on it. And I was seriously thinking, “Hmm, I wonder if all of these random spider sightings and dreams over the last couple weeks mean anything,” when it whizzed past, which I interpreted as “Duh, thicko.” 

She is nothing if not patient (and persistent.)

I can’t tell you the number of severed heads she brought my way when it was time to transition to the Holy Fool role before I finally put two and two together. (Or rather, oracular head = Bacchic mask = Harlequinade.)

Really fucking patient. 

You see, that’s a clown spider on the side of that truck.