nōmen est ōmen

I just came across another Sannion, which is usually a momentous occasion, foreshadowing some new peripeteia in my spiritual life. I don’t think that’s what this one is gonna be, but it was still cool.

F 83 Stele of Sannion
NM 2567.
Found at Liopesi, Attica.
Dimensions: H 0.70, W 0.295.
Date: 375-350 BC.
Inscription: Σαννίων (IG II2 12582).
Relief: The stele is crowned by a rounded finial. Sannion, a boy, wears a himation over his left shoulder and arm. He holds a bird in right hand and is also accompanied by a small dog.
Bibliography: Fragiadakis 1986: no.57; CAT 0.883.

4 thoughts on “nōmen est ōmen

    1. Seriously? That’s awesome. Can you snap a pic next time you’re out that way?

      The name’s pretty interesting. Aside from its origin and use within Greek and Italian comedy – and its association with one of the best wine regions in Italy – it developed into a common French name, including among some pretty prominent families who emigrated here in the 19th century.


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