the prize of the hunt

The mention of the νεβρίς in the last post reminded me of Semachos and his daughters, eponyms of the Attic deme Σημαχίδαι who were the first to receive the prize of the hunt from the God. I wish we had more of the story, especially since it forms a triptych with the other great Attic receiver-heroes Ikarios, who was given a vine-branch and taught wine-making by Dionysos (and also had a myth involving a goatskin) and Amphiktyon the son of Deukalion, who was taught by Dionysos the proper proportion for mixing water and wine when the God came to visit the kingdom under his reign (Eustathius, On Homer, p. 1815.) Not to mention that the Attic deme Ἀλωπεκή takes its name from a foxskin, making me wonder if there’s a lost legend lurking there involving a visitation by Dionysos Βασσαρεύς.