surprisingly decent

We just got back from the first public meet-up hosted by the Kindred of the Well and Tree. Although a couple people who RSVPed didn’t show turnout was surprisingly decent, and we had a wonderful time talking about Loki and his family (since today is his feast day in several Heathen denominations) as well as numerous community and other pagany and magical topics. We ended up chatting for close to three hours, and might have gone longer if management hadn’t started giving us the stink-eye. We left a considerable tip because we’re Heathen and not Neopagans, and so understand the virtue of hospitality. And being on time. (Well, most of us.) Having helped organize these events a number of times before in various places (Washington, Nevada, Oregon and here in New York several years back) I can honestly say I’m impressed with how well things went, and am very much looking forward to future meet-ups, and through them, Gods willing, finding the sort of people we want to do ritual with and invite to join our small but growing Kindred. Trust me, considering some of the folks I’ve had show up to past events — you want to perform as much vetting as possible if you’re doing anything even remotely involving the public and the sacred.

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