To Heryshaf

Hail to you Heryshaf, ram-headed Lord of War,
Ruler of the Riverbank, Strong One who is in his
temple at Herakleopolis Magna, most potent of the
Gods after Min of Koptos and Osiris the King in Green,
you who rose up from the primordial waters at Memphis
and assisted Ptah at his wheel in creating animate creatures
out of lifeless clay, you who wear the Atef-crown and
are illuminated by the Solar Disc, terrifying Heryshaf
whose image is inscribed on ivory wands and amulets of
precious stone by the priests of Hermopolis for protection
against malignant demons of the barren wastes, wise
Heryshaf who taught the orphaned Horus how to hunt
with the bow, and fight with the spear, and to use the
might of his arm to defend the weak and the downtrodden,
as well as other noble manly pursuits, Heryshaf who brings
restoration and vitality to the body of Rē in his tomb
at Heliopolis, great Heryshaf who in the Greek tongue
is “Arsaphes” and called by them either Ares, Herakles
or the Conqueror Dionysos who madly shakes the thyrsos
and cries evohë or else their double or some strange admixture,
unrivaled Heryshaf, overseer of a large and satisfied harem,
who batters the invader with your spiraling horns keeping
the Two Lands safe whenever you can, courageous Heryshaf
Commander of the armies of Osiris, Foremost of the Westerners;
protect my home, and all of my family and loved ones, I plead
with you Heryshaf who hears, from all manner of mortal afflictions
and spiritual persecution, O glorious God whose heart is made glad
by the lotus-flower of Nefertem, son of Sekhmet the Destroyer.