To Hopladamos

Hail to you courageous Hopladamos, Earthborn
Kouros of tremendous height and prodigious appetites,
you who delight in the din of the oxhide shield clashing
against the ash-spear in the war-dance you and your
Giant brothers were wont to perform on the forested
slopes of Mount Lykaion until Kronos the King of the
savage Titans and his wife, the lovely cow-eyed Rheia
brought their court by for a visit. The Titan Queen was
seen clapping and cheering on your performance a little
too enthusiastically when Kronos struck her across the
cheek. Before Rheia could even react you had crossed
the field, your brothers close behind; before haughty
Kronos realized it your spearhead was at his throat.
While you exchanged words with the one who marred
the starry welkin your brothers engaged the Titan
warband in a brutal melee – first it was three against
six; then three to four; then four faced two, until another
Titan fell; next you looked, Hopladamos, only one
of your brothers remained standing against two of theirs,
and finally stout Parrhasios stood no more. Since that day,
they say, you have not taken a single dancing step for
your limbs are weighted down by grief and remorse.
And so I will dance for you, noble Hopladamos,
and ever remember your deed of valor, O best
of Giants, defender of Rheia the Great Mother.

3 thoughts on “To Hopladamos

    1. So little has come down to us concerning him. As far as I know there’s only two brief passages concerning him, both in Pausanias. But they are very evocative.


      1. I tried to find some info, but didn’t find anything beyond the theoi entry. Based upon your hymn, I can imagine Hopladamos embodying(or inspiring?) the warrior-sage hermit figure, a little burnt-out and jaded but willing to work with the worthy. Hell, even a deity to pray to for veterans suffering from PTSD, especially those suffering from survivor’s guilt.


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