To Hekate Propylaia

For redeseeker

Hail Hekate of the gate and doorway,
honored alongside Herakles Alexikakos,
Hermes friend of dogs, and Apollo
Agyieus and Smintheus, Janus who sees
forwards and back, as well as Cardea,
Forculus and Limentinus as custodians
of portals and protectors of the household,
dearest of divinities to mankind. For you,
O daughter of the starry Goddess
and Titanic Perse, brother of Pallas
show concern for our possessions
and more importantly, our irreplaceable
loved ones whom we shelter from
the storm within the walls of our home;
you, Hekate, are the nurturer of children,
and a bulwark against malignant witchery,
you burn the Evil Eye with your torches,
and send wandering ghosts and spiteful
devils packing, you easily find what is lost
since you can look in three directions
simultaneously, you have the keys
that open the way to wealth, health,
good luck and limitless possibility,
and close off every sort of misfortune
and calamity, Hekate who holds sway
with all the different Zeuses and granted by him
power over a portion of the Earth and Sky and
the Seas, Hekate whose words can turn the minds
of Klotho, Lachesis and implacable Atropos
like the whirring iynx that resembles the sound
of the cry of the wryneck in its swamp,
Hekate who gives us apotropaic charms,
and herbs for our health, ceremonies of aversion,
defense and purification so that we can better
navigate life’s hardships, I pray to you,
Mistress of the hallway and pantry,
whose image I kiss and reverence in my heart
before ever setting a foot out the door,
and whom I greet with joy and incense
upon returning, O steadfast guardian and surest
source of deliverance, hail Hekate Propylaia.

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  1. Thank you. This is wonderful. I greatly appreciate this prayer to Hekate at the Gate.


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