To Hermes of Olbia

I call to you Hermes, unwed consort
of Aphrodite Ourania, trickster and thief,
guide of souls, sender of dreams,
wayfinder and world-walker. Hail Hermes
God of commerce, God of the Gymnasion,
God of the military oath, and favorite God
of Skythian kings, strong-minded tamers of horses.
You give forth eloquent oracles full of sound advice,
and assist the specialist in Magian rites to get justice
and retribution for their clients when the system
fails them. Hermes who blessed the fortunate ones
who built their city on the shores of bull-horned
Borysthenes, mightiest of all the rivers in Asia,
and who was carried by the Hellenes into far-flung lands
and always given an honored place in the agora
and homes of their countless colonies; as you once
heeded their prayers, O Hermes who hears, heed mine today.