To Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza

Hail to you whose name shall endure until the Gods gather
at the field of Vígríðr to drive back the forces of chaos
and dissolution which you taught us to combat
by keeping our space neat and tidy, oh well-brought up one,
best of the Swiss, Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza, Putzteufel
of the line of Andvari who walked the Earth in wisdom, piety
and quiet dignity, a model Heathen, and inspiration to other
polytheist revivals who now tends the hall of your beloved Sigyn,
steadfast and true, whom you were the living image of
to those lucky few who were blessed to know you.
You preferred the birds and beasts and beautiful trees and beaches
of Big Sur to the company of humankind generally, but nurtured devotion
and supported the labors of your community’s priests and spiritworkers
behind the scenes, never seeking clout or recognition for yourself
though you were active in the restoration of the cults of Rán, Ægir
and their Nine Daughters, wrote devotionals, and got the offspring
of the Ash and Elm to carry out mournful rites for Narfi and Váli,
unfairly caught up in the retribution of the Æsir, at a time when folks
would tremble and turn red and put their fingers in their ears if the name
of Laufey’s son was so much as whispered in their periphery.
Often was Loki’s name upon your lips, full of reverence, joy
and a longing always to understand his awful mysteries better.
You carried the light of the Gods in your heart and it shown through
in all you did, whether that was performing at the Basel Conservatory,
advocating for bodily autonomy, writing a biography of Clint Eastwood,
or volunteering to help those in need – all of this was strongly informed
by your values, which you preferred to act out rather than deliver some
long-winded sermon about. Cultured, practical, resourceful; you never forgot
that courage is a choice and that our deeds leave an impression of us
long after we are gone. To those you shared the mead-horn with,
and taught the true meaning of faith and frith and service to the Gods,
you live on in their memories and the minds of all those they’ve spoken to
about you. So hail to you, Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza, wearing the
myrtle-crown of the initiates and bearing in your dear and sanctified hands
the broom of Sigyn with which wickedness is swept away
and a key representing authority and the well-ordered home
that is pleasing to Frigga, Queen of the Gods
and the Mistress of gleaming Ásgarðr.

3 thoughts on “To Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza

    1. Thank you. One of the few regrets I have is that I never got the chance to meet Fuensanta while she was alive, though I’ve spoken to a number of folks who did, and all were deeply impacted by her piety, wisdom and feisty spirit, none moreso than my wife who was her adopted daughter. I have had the honor of meeting her in ritual, and frequently feel her presence both in our ancestor room and at her shrine in the living room., for which I am most grateful.

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