To Zeus-Ammon

Hail to you, Zeus-Ammon,
Lord of the thundering storm
and the sea of sand,
you who speak sage counsels
to the tribe of men,
and send the flooding waters
that feed the desolate land.
Your face is ever-hidden,
for no mortal can look upon your immensity unscathed,
and even the holy Gods only recognize you
by the mighty ram’s horns
that rise from your midnight-black hair.
Your rule is supreme, O Lord,
for you have vanquished scores of your enemies,
and tread upon the back of the mad God,
the rebellious one, many-limbed Typhoeus,
howling his obscenities.
When you took your place upon the throne of Heaven,
order prevailed over the Earth
and just laws sprang up everywhere
like fruit upon the vine.
You have established
the Earth-born King to rule in your place,
and set him the task of caring for those laws
like a diligent gardener.
You also have charged him
with protecting his fellow-men,
the noble cattle of Zeus-Ammon,
whom you hold most dear.
Not one life, however humble,
is beyond your notice,
for you stand beside even the lowly farmer,
his guide and protection in uncertain times.
You, O Zeus-Ammon, are most just,
most good, and most powerful
of all the things on Earth, and Sea and Sky
– and I shall never tire of singing your praises,
even if I should reach a great old age.
Look kindly upon me as I think fondly of you,
O Glorious One of Siwah,
and bless me as I go about doing your work,
whatever task it is that you have appointed
me to do in this life of mine.