Year Divination for 2023 e.v.

Here are the results of the Year Divination I performed for the Bakcheion in 2023 e.v.

The year’s mystery is ηλακάτη or Distaff, and the deity who will be overseeing the year is Hekate of the Gallows. That should sure … make things interesting.

I further divined the stoicheia of each month, and came up with the following:

Κισσός (= Γαμηλιών)

Ν (Nu)

Nama (νᾶμα) flowing, rushing, bursting forth.
Neeo (νηέω) build, heap, pile up.
Neikos (νεῖκος) quarrel, strife, feud.
Noeros (νοερός) think, perceive, reflect.
Nusso (νύσσω) stab, pierce, nudge.

Στέφανος (= Ἀνθεστηριών)

Ψ (Psi)

Psammos (ψάμμος) crumbling, sandy, inconstant.
Psaros (ψᾱρός) speckled, dappled, discolored.
Psausis (ψαῦσις) brush, touch, graze.
Pseudo (ψεύδω) fake, lie, deceive.
Psophos (ψόφος) sound, noise, especially by that which cannot be seen

Θύρσος (= Ἐλαφηβολιών)

Φ (Ph)

Phantasma (φαντᾰσμα) apparition, phantom, mental image.
Phatizo (φᾰτίζω) tell of, express, promise.
Phiale (φῐάλη) offering dish, urn for funeral ashes, bowl for administering medicines.
Phobos (φόβος) dread, terror, fearful flight.
Phuo (φύω) bring forth, produce, formed by nature.

Νεβρίς (= Μουνυχιών)

Λ (Lambda)

Lekithos (λέκῐθος) the yoke of an egg.
Lethargeo (ληθαργέω) drowsiness, forgetting, sinking down.
Lousis (λοῦσις) washing, bathing, cleansing.
Lumeo (λῦμέω) to grieve, distress, or cause pain.
Luo (λύω) unbind, dissolve, release

Κάνθαρος (= Θαργηλιών)

Ρ (Rho)

Rabasso (ῤᾰβάσσω) to make a noise by dancing or beating time with the feet.
Radis (ῤάδις) cyclical, whirling, rotation.
Riza (ῤίζα) root, element, outflow.
Rimma (ῤιμμα) throw, cast, swing.
Roomai (ῤώομαι) to move with speed or violence, to rush on, forceful.

Πρόσωπον (= Σκιροφοριών)

Ω (Omega)

Ode (ῴδή) dirge, joyful songs, songs of praise.
Ope (ώπή) sight, unobstructed vision, full view. 
Orai (ὦραι) timely, seasonal, fitting produce.
Osis (ὦσις) thrusting, pushing, to bring forth.
Opheleia (ώφέλεια) assistance, advantage, source of gain or profit.

Κόθορνος (= Ἑκατομβαιών)

Χ (Chi)

Chairo (χαίρω) rejoice, take pleasure in, celebration.
Chasko (χάσκω) yawn, gap, chasm.
Cheima (χεῖμα) cold, frost, winter.
Choikos (χοϊκός) of earth or clay, funeral libations, of an age to take part in the Choes festival.
Chreos (χρεός) debt, obligation, fate.

Δίκτυα (= Μεταγειτνιών)

Α (Alpha)

Aeiro (άείρω) to lift, raise up, rise above. 
Aigle (αἵγλη) radiance, glory, splendor.
Aparche (άπαρχή) dues, first-fruits, preliminary offerings. 
Aphiemi (άφίημι) discharge, loose, set free.
Aoton (ἅωτον) the flower of its kind, prime, fairest.

Πέλεκυς (= Βοηδρομιών)

Θ (Theta)

Theiasmos (θειασμός) divine possession, an inspired utterance, given over to the Gods.
Thera (θήρα): hunting of wild beasts, the chase, a game.
Theoreo (θεωρέω) behold, observe, perceive.
Thura (θύρα) door, the other side, entrance.
Thuo (θύω) sacrificial offerings, consumed by fire, burning with divine longing.

Βότρυς (= Πυανεψιών)

Τ (Tau)

Talanton (τάλαντον) weight, scale, balance.
Teichos (τεῖχος) wall, boundary, end.
Teleio (τελειόω) make perfect, complete, consummate.
Timao (τίμάω) honor, acclaim, what is due one. 
Tonos (τόνος) cord, stretch, tension.

Βουκράνιον (= Μαιμακτηριών)

Ξ (Xi)

Xanthias (Ξανθίας) yellow, foreign, servile.
Xeraino (ξηραίνω) parch, wither, dry up.
Xenos (Ξενος) guest, stranger, wanderer.
Xunos (ξῦνός) common, public, general.
Xuston (ξυστόν) scraped, trimmed, cropped.

Αθύρματα (= Ποσειδεών)

Υ (Upsilon)

Ugeios (ὕγειος) healthy, sound, unbroken.
Upenerthe (ύπένερθε) beneath, under the earth, in the netherworld.
Us (ὖς) maternal, receptive, female genitalia. 
Uphaino (ύφαίνω) create, contrive, weave.
Uo (ὕω) rain, flow, water.

7 thoughts on “Year Divination for 2023 e.v.

  1. Interesting – the Distaff (a tool I am familiar with and have used) and Hekate of the Gallows.


    1. Yeah, especially since Baldr tends to be pretty quiet, from what I gather. No idea what it’ll mean for him to govern the year. The individual months don’t seem too bad (for the most part) so I doubt it indicates Ragnarök and his imminent return – maybe it’s more of a fallow, slumbering beneath the earth period.


    2. I suspect Baldr is represented by the Distaff.

      Here’s an excerpt from Spin Off Winter 2017, “The Culture of Spindle and Distaff” by Bruce Engebretson:
      “…Distaffs were famous courting gifts in Nordic countries, made by a girl’s suitor, with great pains taken to show off his woodworking skills. Often the girl’s name or initials were included in the carving (hence the Finnish proverb, “Beware the man of many distaffs”). In Scotland and the Baltic countries, a young man visiting his sweetheart might roll love letters up tight and hide them in the flax of her distaff, where she would not discover them until sometime later. In one Norwegian tale, a girl’s parents are going on and on to a suitor about what a hard worker their daughter is; they say that she spins a distaff full of flax every day. They also show him the larder, full of fine foods. He manages to hide the key to the larder in the distaff full of flax. Returning in a week, he finds the house in disarray. They explain that the key to the larder has been missing, and they are looking high and low for it. Of course, you can guess how the story ends…”

      An opening scene from Ulysses (1954) shows Penelope at her loom surrounded by her spinners with floor-mounted distaffs. When the spinners leave the chamber, they remove their distaffs from their stand and leave with them – like soldiers leaving with their spears held high.


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