Morning Prayer

A piece from my Polytheist Hymnal.

I greet the day in joy, my heart in awe at the beauty of the cosmos.
Hail to you Gods of the heavens, and the earth, and those below.
Hail Gods of the mountains and the forest,
Gods of the mighty rivers and the towering trees.
Hail Gods of the desert and the ocean,
Gods of the fertile fields and the bustling cities.
Hail to the Gods of love and ecstasy,
of song and dance,
of justice and beauty,
of strength and protection,
of health and prosperity,
of wisdom and creativity,
of all the virtues and blessings that make life rich and worth living.
Hail to the mothers and fathers who came before me,
and the honored dead of all nations.
Hail to the Gods who guide my heart,
and the helper spirits who show me the way.
Hail to the whole divine assembly – I rejoice in your presence
on this beautiful day of manifestation,
the world refreshed as it was upon the first day.
Let today be the first day of all creation,
full of limitless possibility.
All the bad things
and the failures of yesterday
are no more. I have forgotten them.
Today I begin anew and shoulder my responsibilities
with a joyous heart.
Today I shall do everything in my power
to establish Ma’at and make the world a better place
for those who come after me.
Today let every word that I speak be true.
Today let justice guide every action that I perform.
Today may I offer comfort to those in need,
and show kindness to every stranger that I meet.
Today I shall be temperate and disciplined
and do the good things necessary to make my life prosper.
Today I shall set aside all grudges
and refuse to let anger or violence
take root in my heart.
Today I shall remain ever mindful of the Gods
and seek them out in the world around me.
This is the vow I bind myself to for today and today only.
And lastly, I pray to all the Gods of my people,
my family, my tribe, my fellow polytheists.
May you walk with them today, O Gods,
and grant them life, health, and stability.
May you make their hearts joyous and fill their souls
with love, beauty, wisdom, and creativity.
May all obstacles be removed from their path
and may any enemies who come against them
be smited and trodden under foot.
May the Kingdom of Dionysos and its people prosper
and grow and continue to do the work of the Gods
for all time, χαίρετε!

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