Why did St. Padre Pio receive the Stigmata?

6 thoughts on “Why did St. Padre Pio receive the Stigmata?

    1. I’d like to include him in my veneration of the Dionysian Saints on All Saints’ Day if he is to be associated with our God


    2. What makes you think there is a connection between Padre Pio and Dionysos — just because I posted about both of them?

      I mean, there is — tentatively. That being Saint Genesios.

      While mocking the sacraments he ended up having a powerful epiphany and converted – just like Shia Lebouf, whose life was in the shitter until he took this role and ended up becoming a Catholic, completely turning his life around. Saint Genesios is patron of the theater, of dancers, lawyers, clowns, musicians, stenographers, victims of torture and epileptics – not to mention a mask frequently worn by Dionysos.


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