Pseudo-Scymnus, Circuit of the Earth 748
Odessa, which was founded by the Milesians when Astyages was ruler of Media; this has the Krobyzan Thracians in a ring around it. Nearby Dionysopolis, which first was named Krounoi from its founts of water, they say is called Dionysopolis after a Dionysiac statue which was retrieved from the sea there.

Katerina Amanatidou, The cult of Dionysos in the Black Sea region
In Odessa’s necropolis was unearthed the remains of a coroplastic workshop, dated from the 3rd century BC, which produced a variety of terracotta statuettes intended for the decoration of sarcophagi. Among the produced types were representations of Dionysos, of Satyrs and Maenads. A miniature mask of a smiling Silen wreathed with ivy leaves was found in the debris of the building. Furthermore, clay figurines of Dionysos and his wife Ariadne came to light at excavations in other parts of the city. Likewise, votive reliefs made of lead and shaped as bull heads were found at the site. Those reliefs that were encircled with a decoration of grapes functioned, probably, as offerings to the god. An imported amphora neck of the Hellenistic period bearing the relief image of a Satyr’s head was also discovered. Finally, the excavations yielded an almost life-size marble statue of a Satyr and two attic red figure bell craters bearing Dionysian scenes with Satyrs and Maenads.