Rabbit holes

My research habits are rather peculiar, I admit. Take the other night’s session which began with Varga Timea’s Telesphorus: A healing child god in Roman Dacia, which led to the Genii Cucullati and then to Galatia and a general overview of the history of Anatolia. Then I read Outfoxing the Wolf-walker: Lycambes as performative rival to Archilochus by Tom Hawkins, Renaud Gagné’s A Wolf at the Table: Sympotic Perjury in Archilochus, and Ralph Häussler’s Wolf Deities & Wolf Myths. And finally I capped the evening’s studies off with The Thraco-Dacian Origin of the Paparuda/Dodola Rain-Making Ritual by Mihai Dragnea. All while listening to my playlist “Simple Strangers” (it’s a long playlist.)