A young lady’s prayer

Via Jane Austen’s World.

A young lady’s prayer for a husband, from The New Lady’s Magazine, October 1791:

“From a prophane (profane) libertine, from one affectedly pious, from a profuse almoner, from an uncharitable wretch, from a wavering religioso and injudicious zealot—deliver me.

“From one of starched gravity, or ridiculous levity, from an ambitious statesman, from a restless projector, from one that loves any thing besides me, but what is very just and honourable—deliver me!

“From an extasy’d poet, a modern wit, a base coward, and a rash fool—deliver me!

“From a Venus darling, from a Bacchus proselyte, . . . from all other masculine affectations, not yet recounted—deliver me!

Bitch, please. You should be so lucky. 

We are fabulous.

13 thoughts on “A young lady’s prayer

  1. Perhaps if she paid proper homage to Venus and Bacchus they would assist her in finding a husband who is not overly consumed by their blessings. Give hospitality to Them once so They don’t visit Their wrath on you continually!

    Hail Venus! Hail Bacchus!


      1. It’s the one I certainly would prefer. But then again I’m a Venus darling and a Bacchus prosletyte so perhaps I’m biased


  2. LOl the photo is awesome. perhaps though, the girl doesn’t want to be stuck with a promiscuous man whore of a drunkard in an 18th century Britain where she has no option to initiate divorce. :) Of course venerating Bacchus and Venus would benefit her in all ways including finding the best husband. good advice there.

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