Putting The Mysteries to use

I originally came up with The Mysteries as a meditation tool and writing prompt – but I just realized that it has another function, namely that it can be used as a divination system comparable to the Leaves of Dionysos. (Which can be found in Hunting Wisdom.) But this will be a system accessible only to mystai of the Starry Bull tradition since I’m not going to provide any explanations. You have to have a deep, intuitive understanding of what each symbolon means within the context of our tradition in order to use it effectively, meaning that it can also serve as a method for determining whether one qualifies for initiation.

I’ve ordered some wood slices and will be making myself a set, after which I’ll be offering readings. Since this initial batch will be a test run I’m reducing the price to $13.25. There are only ten five slots available, so if you’re interested reserve yours today by writing me at sannion@gmail.com. Readings will be done on September 1st.

One thought on “Putting The Mysteries to use

  1. When we were courting, you gave me your divination set. :) I still have it and absolutely love it. it brought me so much closer to Dionysos, meditating on His mysteries and learning to properly access them.

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