Tony Todd and the Minotaur

Tony Todd is best known for his superb (and very Dionysian) performance as the titular role in the Candyman series. However, in 2006 Todd was also in a movie called Minotaur which is loosely (very loosely) based on the ancient myth. Here is a synopsis contributed by Claudio Carvalho of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for IMDB:

In the age of gods and spirits, the world was ruled by a dark empire from a palace on the Island of Minus. The locals worshipped the Bull, and the ambitious Queen got pregnant by their god, generating an offspring that was part human and part bull. When the Prince is killed on the island, the dwellers blame the villagers, and they are sentenced to give eight young women per year to satisfy the Minotaur. The shepherd Theo (Tom Hardy), son of the village leader Cyrnan (Rutger Hauer), misses his girlfriend that was abducted a couple of years ago. When he meets a leper seer, she tells him that his beloved Ffion (Donata Janietz) is alive, and that Theo must go to the island to kill the beast and save his love. Theo goes to the palace and faces King Deucalion (Tony Todd) and the Minotaur, supported by Deucalion’s sister, Queen Raphaella (Michelle Van Der Water), who discloses the truth about the Minotaur.

5 thoughts on “Tony Todd and the Minotaur

    1. It’s … really not a good movie, even with a pretty decent cast and some fun plot twists. It’s not even one of those so bad it circles back to being good movies. It’s just bad bad. Tony Todd’s scenes are mildly better than the rest, but he isn’t given much screen time, or enough to do whilst on camera. It would have been vastly improved if they got rid of everyone else (and the screenwriters) and just had Todd do all the parts himself, including the romantic sub-plot.


      1. Honestly? If it was done well I’d support a project where one actor did all the roles. I worry that modern audiences wouldn’t appreciate that though even though it’s been a common practice since the beginning of acting


          1. They’re always tricky to pull off from what I’ve heard. I haven’t heard a good word about any sex scene lol


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