Divided No More

Eijah mcclain

Here is the story of Elijah McClain from The Colorado Sentinel:

By his teenage years, he’d taught himself to play guitar and violin. On his lunch breaks, McClain would hoof his instruments to animal shelters to perform for abandoned creatures, believing the music put them at ease.

He’d become a vegetarian, considering carnivorous diets a form of cannibalism and eschewing meat for “food from the fields and the trees,” as Sheneen said. She said he cared about animals so much that he would chase off flies rather than kill them.


“He had a child-like spirit,” she said. “Elijah McClain was not conditioned to the norms of America… He lived in his own little world. He was never into, like, fitting in. He just was who he was.”

Which is evident in the final words Elijah spoke:


What could this Orpheus redivivus have accomplished had his divine breath not been snuffed out by the jackboot of a tyrannical stooge?


No, this was no accident. This was an act willed by the force of uncreation and those who are allied with it. 

Something Elijah’s mother clearly knew:


As did Saint Paul, who once wrote:

For we struggle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

Remember who the true enemy is, and be divided no more.

16 thoughts on “Divided No More

  1. and in the endless lists of those who’ve died at police hands — mostly criminals — Elijah is ALWAYS left out. Both sides of the equation would rather elevate a piece of trash like George Floyd than a talented, sweet young man who could have and did in his short life make the world a better place.


  2. What happened to Floyd was wrong but what happened to McClain is incomprehensible in how vile it is. He literally was minding his own business and enjoying himself. His friends speculated that the “flailing his arms” thing that the person that called 911 reported was probably just him dancing while he was listening to music. Can you believe that? He was murdered over dancing. What a world…

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    1. what happened to Floyd was wrong but maybe we should be just a little more upset about someone like McCain. Instead, he’s disappeared from the narrative.

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        1. I’d support a monument to him. I think we should be telling his story and demanding better. I think putting up monuments to someone like Floyd is revolting. This does not mean I support police misconduct, mind you. But I’m not going to deify someone like Floyd at the same time.


          1. Oh come on, you don’t think putting a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly and demanding all her money so he can buy more fentanyl is a laudable act? What kind of ethics do you have? LOL

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            1. well given how anti-woman and anti-family the woke brigade tends to be (in actuality if not in rhetoric) are we surprised he’s their poster boy?


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