Trust the science

Back in 2020 a French study found that “nicotine may inhibit the penetration and spread of the virus and have a prophylactic effect in Covid-19 infection.”

Now, according to Newsweek, “two scientific papers published this month have added to the growing body of evidence indicating that cannabinoids may hold significant antiviral potencies and could potentially be used to create a prophylactic treatment for Covid-19.”

I just checked and heavy caffeine and red wine consumption are also showing a lot of promising results in combating Covid-19.

So, basically, the science is saying that my combined vices have made me immune to this fucking virus. Excellent.

11 thoughts on “Trust the science

  1. Studies also show Vitamin D is a prophylactic for COVID, so is good ventilation (aka fresh air). So get outside, under Sunna’s blessed light and drink your morning coffee.

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  2. I’m currently in Tampa for my birthday ( no restrictions here unlike New Orleans that demands proof that you are a Sheep and taken the Government’s vaccine). And I’m about to go to St. Petersburg to a museum that has Ancient Artifacts (including a bust of Dionysos)


      1. I don’t know. I get there and find out it’s closed on Mondays. Right now I’ve been recouping my loss by hanging out at St. Petersburg Pier. Right now I’m at the beach and meditating on Njord.


        1. Oh man, that really sucks. How long are you planning on being in Florida?

          And, as much as I love museums – and trust me, I love a good museum – nothing’s better than communing with Njord on the beach.


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