And here’s a hymn I wrote for him

Hail to you Yahweh,
Lord of the high mountain,
mighty bull who thunders in heaven
and shatters the chains of your pious people.
You have an honored place
among the assembly of the Gods,
and command countless hosts of angelic armies.
Your prophets are wild men of the desert
who speak with tongues of flame,
and you raise up just kings
to oversee your righteous laws
and care for the poor and dispossessed.
You walk with your people as they wander in exile,
sheltering them from violence and unjust persecution.
You smote Behemoth and wrestled with Leviathan,
and chained your Adversary in gloomy Sheol.
Wisdom hearkens to you like a lover,
and Victory sits upon your shoulder.
Your face shines from behind the veil,
and the earth melts wherever your foot falls.
You are a holy God, whose name is known in every land,
and your spirit watches over all the sons of Adam 
and daughters of Eve who do good
and show kindness to their fellows.
Though I belong to other Gods I have respect for you,
and shall reserve a place for Israel’s God in my temple
should you ever want a polytheist’s worship.