Plans are meant to be changed

Oh, that reminds me! The renovation of the Bakcheion is about 90% finished. (I just have to complete the divination and cleansing stations, and two of the major shrines.) I had hoped to have everything ready by Foundation Day, but I had a massive pain flare that lasted about a week and a half, which completely derailed my plans. However I like how the rest turned out.

While in the midst of it my plan to have separate shrines representing how Dionysos manifests during each of the festivals got revamped. Instead I have shrines to Dionysos Lusios and Bakcheios along one wall, an oracular throne covered in animal pelts (with a taxidermy fox standing guard), I converted the top of a bookshelf into a large shrine for the various Gods and Spirits who comprise Dionysos’ Retinue, hung a bunch of framed pictures and set up a number of small stand-alone shrines throughout the temple space. The two large shrines that still require tweaking are to Dionysos as Asterios, the Starry Bull (which will also contain the first editions of all my books) and the second one will be for the Green Way. I have all of my entheogens neatly organized (including a couple I’d forgotten I possessed) but I just haven’t found the right eidolon of Dionysos to complete it. All in due time, I suppose.

Once everything is ready I’ll take some pics and share.