Happy Omicron-Day!

For those following along, we are 15 days into our countdown to Foundation Day, the prescribed activities for which include:

Day 15: Ο ο – omicron, όμικρον

Οινοψ (Oinops) = Winefaced

Orphic Hymn Τριετηρικοῦ (52. to the God of the Triennial Feast)

With things found around the home (οἷκος) make yourself into a creature of great bulk (ὃγκος), with egg-shaped bulges (όειδής) and a face made of sheep-skin (ὃες). Also make yourself a tyrant-destroying (όλεσσῐτύραννος) staff – basically a stick strung with testicles (ὅρχεα). Sing bawdy songs, and yell random things at people. Once you’re overfull of wine (οΐνος) find a secret culvert, expose your rump (ὅρρος) to the chilly winter air and let loose a city-destroying (ολεσίπολις) piss (ούρέω) while cursing those in power. (Yes, women can urinate in public too!)

The Nature of the Day
Ozos (ὅζος) offspring, offshoot, branch.
Olbos (ὅλβος) happiness, prosperity, fulfilment. 
Opora (όπώρα) fruitful, ripe, summer-swollen.
Ormos (ὅρμος) harbor-giver, chain, connection. 
Opheltreuo (όφελτρεύω) sweep, change, turn