Happy Lambda-Day!

For those following along, we are 11 days into our countdown to Foundation Day, the prescribed activities for which include:

Day 11: Λ λ – lambda, λάμδα

Λυαιος (Lyaios) = He who frees

Orphic Hymn Λυσίου Ληναίου (50. to Lysios-Lenaios)

Before you leave (λείπω) in the morning make this charm of dissolution (λύη) against the impudence (λαιδρος) and evil you shall encounter during your day. Take garden herbs (λάχᾰνον) and tear them up (λᾰκίζω) with your hands, say, “Just so will it be for you, every wicked thing.” Then put them in a mortar and using a pestle (λάκτις) grind them, singing, “Io, a great Bull trampled the ravening Wolf under its hooves and gored the beast with his lethal horns. Io evohe!” Put the powder in a satchel and carry it on you for the rest of the next seven days.  

The Nature of the Day
Lekithos (λέκῐθος) the yoke of an egg.
Lethargeo (ληθαργέω) drowsiness, forgetting, sinking down.
Lousis (λοῦσις) washing, bathing, cleansing.
Lumeo (λῦμέω) to grieve, distress, or cause pain.
Luo (λύω) unbind, dissolve, release.