I was checking to see if the Inventory of Ancient Associations had added any new material on Bacchic groups when I came across an inscription left by λιθοκόποι (stone-cutters) at the theater of Dionysos in Athens. Which, of course, made me think of this:

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  1. Were these stone-cutters a part of the Dionysian Artists? (The guild, not necessarily the group of dead people).

    Not going to lie. One of these days I really need to figure out how to engage with the intersection between Bacchic Orphism and Masonry. It’s definitely a thing whether direct lineage from the Dionysian Artists or not. If you have any suggestions for how I can do that I’d be happy to send you what I find (if it’s permissible to talk about). My first guess would be historical research and maybe having a sitdown with Hiram Abiff. Not sure if you know about some of Hiram’s other stories but apparently there’s lore not covered in the Third Degree that talks about him cuckolding Solomon and also being blessed with the ability to withstand molten metal! Gee, a semi-foreign goldsmith cuckolding a king and being blessed with miraculous powers that later goes on to be betrayed by his men and rises again. I’d go into further details but obviously that’ll give away too much. That aside, I think we can already see that the Widow’s Son might have some interesting things to tell us as Dionysians…


    1. Let me know what you find. My father’s side of the family has Masonic roots. Supposedly my Grandfather was a Master Mason. I would consider joining, but their strict gender segregation and refusal to accept gay members, makes it pretty much impossible.


      1. Honestly? While I am most definitely glad I became a Mason (I by the way hold the record as the youngest man to be initiated, passed, and raised in Onondaga County, New York and am possibly the third youngest ever in the history of New York State), the actual becoming a Mason part is way more interesting than being a Mason lol. The business meetings are pretty boring. Find a lodge that’s more esoterically inclined and not one of the ones where it’s basically just an excuse to get away from the wives. I was fortunate enough to have one that’s a bit of both. Oh and anyone who says you can’t join because you’re Polytheist is a fucking moron and I literally could make a PowerPoint presentation on why they’re wrong. For real. I almost went off on one brother for claiming they let me in on a “technicality”.


    2. I’ve read Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall, Aleister Crowley and some other essential texts on Freemasonry, as well as known a couple members (who were also Pagans) but that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge and involvement. I agree, though, that the intersection of the two could produce some fertile territory.

      Oh, and now that I think of it my first boss – who was also a Mormon biker – belonged to a Masonic sorority.


      1. A sorority? So Eastern Star?

        I think the metallurgical stuff is neat. Been thinking about the intersections between the various dwarf-smiths in the retinue which includes the Satyrs as you know and thus intersects with the Harlequinade as well. Which is even crazier when you remember that Pulcinella might be based on Hephaestus


        1. And that King Herla is invited to an underground wedding by a dwarf sporting a nebris .

          It’s definitely an interesting subject, and the metallurgical stuff overlaps neatly with certain alchemical currents.

          I’m pretty sure it was Eastern Star, but not 100% certain. I didn’t pry at the time and that was back in the 90s so my memory’s not great.


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