Boötes is the Arctophylax

I’m currently reading a couple articles y’all might find interesting. First, a general overview of Boötes and its related constellations, and secondly E. Antonello’s suggestion that roughly 5,000 years ago Ursa Major and Minor appeared closer to Boötes than they presently do.

8 thoughts on “Boötes is the Arctophylax

  1. Here I was wondering why a failed apprenticeship to a cobbler was coming up…not that it’s going to stop me mind. But this certainly makes more sense than that!


  2. So I found out something interesting to add to this… This month (Early December), there is a huge comet (Comet Leonard) that will be in the early morning skies just before sunrise…and it’s located near Arcturus at the bottom of Boötes.

    I wonder if it’s a sign.


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