And another thing…

I’m stoned and hit post too soon. Sorry.

But anyway… you’ll note that the Fury-like attendant weighs his liver along with his heart, since it was the seat of Darnell’s thumos. In my Bacchic Orphic soul-parts system, however, the thumos is located in the heart not the liver. Ancient Greek sources differ on the matter so I just went with the organ that made the most sense to me, even if this contradicted what I had previously written.

And as for why she has an aardvark at her feet, well, that’s a mystery you’ll have to read the book the poem was originally published in to understand. In fact you should probably read the entire ‘Nykteliad’ Poetic Cycle if you haven’t already. (And that’s the current official order in which they should be read; disregard previous suggestions. Consistency is highly over-rated. Panta chōrei, bitches.)