A Prayer for Wunjô’s Master

High says:

I am strong.
There is no mercy in me.
My travels wore that away long ago;
it is why I undertook them.
I have seen ages pass
like the currents of a raging, restless river.
All must eventually fall,
but the best will remain standing the longest.
I was there at the beginning,
a breath of fury from the chasm.
All that there was then was ice and fire and the gap.
Eventually all shall return to that primordial state.
The gap is hungry.
So hungry that it shall gnaw through the roots of the tree on which hang the worlds nine.
But that day is not today.
I shall expend my last breath keeping that day off.
I fell and shall fall again.
From my ashes will come new worlds,
as this world was carved from the body of my father.
I have been fighting for so long that I have forgotten much of who I was before the fight.
But this I remember.
This day is sweet,
full of sunlight and vineyards and swarming bees and strange maidens
for the wooing.
It is full of joy and hunger and new experiences to be had, this day.
That is why I fight.
Life is sweet,
and I will give mine to defend the day for as long as I can,
as long as I can.
Satiate yourself on life’s joys.
They are not mine to taste any longer.
Through you I can,
through you these joys become my bread and my wine,
the only nourishment left to me.
This work makes one so hungry.
This work makes one so thirsty.
Feast and keep my cup always full.

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