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I had a pretty good 4/20 though my pain levels (heightened by the inclement weather we’ve had the last couple days) made it difficult to reach any kind of significant altered state. The good thing about drugs is that even when you fail it’s still fun to try. The bad thing is how much puking is involved. Oh, so much puking

Speaking of which we picked up some amanita muscaria recently so I can guide our housemate through her first experience with the entheogen. My last amanita trip was pretty rough so I’ve taken a break from working with old Red Cap for a while, but it’s time to get back on the proverbial horse. And by rough I mean my wife came home and found me sprawled out on the livingroom floor naked, shivering uncontrollably, covered in cold sweat with mucus and flecks of vomit in my beard, and barely responsive. To make matters worse I had spontaneously decided to commune with my fungal ally so she had no idea what she was walking into. Bad psychonaut. (In fairness I’d taken much larger doses in the past without anything like that happening so I assumed I’d be okay, but taking entheogens is a crap shoot and you never really know how the spirit is going to respond until you’re in the middle of it. If you’re not willing to take that risk you’ve got no business dancing with them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take sensible precautions like notifying your spouse when you’re about to trip balls.)

This is going to be a nice way to kick off Kantharos, the month of Dionysos’ cup of intoxication.


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  1. It’s too bad that I’m not a partaker in such things…because the Earth in Her great wisdom decided to gift an Amanita to me last year–two, actually!–right outside of my back door. One was the size of a dinner plate in its overall width, and its little neighbor had a head the size of a softball. As I was debating about them and thinking about asking one of my mycologist colleagues how best to collect and preserve it, the groundskeepers around here took them both away. I don’t know if they just disposed of them, or had some fun of their own, but nonetheless, they were gone. The tree from whose roots they grew is one of the few still out in the back of this place, and I hope it stays there, as perhaps such a thing will happen again and I’ll know better what to do this next time!

    Oh, and a quick question regarding Starry Bear matters: what do you make of Paris Alexanders of Troy being she-bear-raised for a while?


    1. Oh, too bad about the mushroom! While there’s no guarantee that they’ll spring up again in the same spot (which is why amanitas are notoriously difficult to cultivate) there’s a pretty good chance. They grew all over the place in Eugene, one of the most reliable sites being across the street from the bus station in the yard of an old folks’ home. Dver and I had fun harvesting them without being spotted by the security – or the cops who frequently patrolled the bus station.

      That’s a very interesting detail about Paris I was not aware of. It’s even more interesting considering Kratinos’ play Dionysalexandros where Dionysos takes on the persona of the Trojan prince, including adjudicating the contest of the three Goddesses in his stead. I need to look into that more – thanks for the tip!


  2. One time I had a delayed reaction to Amanitas where I didn’t experience anything until the next night. It caught me by surprise but I was able to ground


      1. It’s kinda freaky to think about. Definitely not an entheogen that you can just do anytime. I mean, you really shouldn’t do any of them at just ANY time but you know what I mean. Imbibe responsibly


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