“a famine of biblical proportions”

Because of the global quarantine COVID-19’s death toll sits around 183,424. 

Also because of the quarantine we have created massive food shortages and related conditions that the UN predicts could result in close to a billion deaths. 

When a cowardly leftist posts to Twitter that the patriots marching in the streets demanding an end to the quarantine care more about the economy than safety – this is why.

But hey, on the plus side since everyone’s been staying home the environment has significantly recovered. Just think how much better it’ll do with nearly a 1/8th reduction in the population. There you go Greta – now you can stop your crocodile tears. Assuming you make it through. 

14 thoughts on ““a famine of biblical proportions”

  1. I’m not saying you aren’t right but I will say that our system of food production was never really that good when it was up and running. The amount of perfectly edible food that gets thrown when things go according to plan is enough to feed everyone. So truth be told, I think the whole thing was fucked from the beginning. This is definitely a winning talking point for tribalism and homesteading

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      1. It doesn’t but it’s a pretty good argument in favor. Especially right now since this is living proof.

        Not going to lie, I think this is definitely a Black Sun moment and a lot interesting conversations are going to take place after the dust settles. Or maybe not. People are kinda dense

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          1. Our species has survived worse. Keep in mind, there actually was a point in our history when humans were a critically endangered species. So as our ancestors say, “Everything dances”


    1. People do want to plant their own food, but certain state governments have banned the sale of seeds and gardening needs because they are “Non-Essential” purchases. If you want examples of people who have beaten the virus, look at Taiwan and the Netherlands.

      And I better stop before I get on my political soapbox.


      1. When I saw they were doing that I knew the quarantine had less to do with flattening the curve than it did a good old-fashioned power grab.

        Also Taiwan doesn’t exist according to WHO (whose funding overwhelmingly comes from China, unsurisngly.)


        1. The UN supposedly set the Agenda back in the 1990’s called Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. I dismissed it as a conspiracy theory…that is until the past couple of years and the Extinctionist groups and Green New Deal advocates started saying we have 13 more years (2031) to live. According to the Conspiracy Theorists…..the UN plans (under the the guise of “Environmental Sustainabilty”…to depopulate the world from nearly Seven Billion…to 500,000 by the year 2030. The world’s biggest genocide.


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