passing through the gate

Lucius Ampelius, Liber Memorialis
There are five Libers: the first, son of Jupiter and Proserpina; he was a farmer and inventor of wine; his sister is Ceres. The second Liber, son of Melo and Flora, in whose name is the River Granicus. The third, son of Cabirus, who reigns in Asia. The fourth, son of Saturnius and Semele … they say. The fifth, the son of Nisus and Thyona. 

5 thoughts on “passing through the gate

    1. That or Thyia (which circles back to Deukalion.) What’s interesting is that she seems to represent a separate figure from Semele to Lucius Ampelius. (Unless she gives birth to two Dionysoi, one as a mortal and one as a Goddess.)


  1. This is a generally intriguing passage…but I’m wondering about the second Liber here. Is the River Granicus, perhaps, derived from Grannus, which is an epithet or possible syncretism with a Gaulish Deity of Apollon…and therefore is Lucius making a connection between some Gallo-Roman Apollo and Liber/Dionysos?


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