an altar to a different God

Demeter with grain and poppy72
Álvaro de Campos:

Multipliquei-me, para me sentir,
Para me sentir, precisei sentir tudo,
Transbordei, não fiz senão extravasar-me,
Despi-me, entreguei-rne,
E há em cada canto da minha alma um altar a um deus diferente.

I multiplied, to feel myself,
To feel myself, I had to feel everything,
I overflowed, I did nothing but escape,
I undressed myself, I gave it up,
And there is in every corner of my soul an altar to a different God.

6 thoughts on “an altar to a different God

  1. You have no idea how relevant this is to what I’m currently working on…!

    (That is becoming a common refrain for me in comments on your posts, innit?)


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