all things move and nothing remains still


I was rereading the honey, castration and aischrorrêmosunai portion of my piece on the Priapic mysteries when something about this passage from Plato caught my eye.

Take that which we call ousia (reality, essence); some people call it essia, and still others ôsia. First, then, in connection with the second of these forms, it is reasonable that the essence of things be called Hestia; and moreover, because we ourselves say of that which partakes of reality ‘it is’ (estin), the name Hestia would be correct in this connection also; for apparently we also called ousia (reality) essia in ancient times. And besides, if you consider it in connection with sacrifices, you would come to the conclusion that those who established them understood the name in that way; for those who called the essence of things essia would naturally sacrifice to Hestia first of all the Gods. Those on the other hand, who say ôsia would agree, well enough with Herakleitos that all things move and nothing remains still. So they would say the cause and ruler of things was the pushing power (ôthoun), wherefore it had been rightly named ôsia. (Kratylos 400d – 401b)

Two things, actually. 

Esia is what the Etruscans called Ariadne.

And I’ve bolded the other. 

7 thoughts on “all things move and nothing remains still

  1. I’m finding it difficult to believe that the first piece you linked to here was only two weeks ago…it seems both like yesterday and like six years ago. This pandemic is bending the flow of time…!?!


  2. Oh! Wow.
    All this months thinking that this very Dionisiac man was the one lost in his own laberynth. Feeling like a messenger, a “rescuer”, an Ariadne to him. Feeling him from afar. Now I am starting to see some paradox here. Was I a messenger or another piece in the movement of the fabric of reality?
    The holes in the net of reality. Oh! How come you post these things these days? It is moving, it is changing, fast, faster, I can see the threads being weaven, sometimes in between my dreams I see the knots and the hands that work behind the scenes.
    This fragment, too: “If obscenity contributes to the purification of matter, as Iamblichos asserted, then Priapos’ actions towards Hestia take on an entirely different connotation – as do the whole system of mysteries overseen by Quartilla.”
    These writings clearly strike a chord in me.
    I am quite a simple person. I connect to my Gods by the love I feel towards Them.
    Thank you


    1. Beautiful and profound insights! And I think there’s something to this type of religiosity which embraces emotion in all of its messy complexity and seeks to manipulate it to produce a desired outcome rather than those forms which deny, denigrate and seek to destroy emotion for the sake of transcendence. This was ultimately what caused me to part ways with Zen Buddhism


      1. Oh, yes! Oh, yes Sannion! I quite do agree here. Zen Buddhism ended up much sounding like psychopathy to me. Speaking of which (psychopathy) I have news regarding this man I´ve told you about last week. The one I asked you to pray for? Well, he´s just fucking hacked my tablet. He freaked me out. He actually hacked my tablet while I was at spotify and fucking typed a fucking smiley face in there and played a romantic song and then opened the hangouts app to fucking chat. I mean. I mean. I MEAN. I wanted to fucking kill him. But, I am such a lady I turned off the tablet and sent him an email telling him not to do that shit again.
        Speaking of emotion in all the messy complexity (I am not being sarcastic) I am quite sure that he is mistaking me for a Goddess or a God. He is clearly either going mad or having actual extatic experiences and the idiot thinks it is me who is inducing the experiences. Can I just send him to you? I mean, tell him to email you for a divination. I don´t know what to do. He actually freaked me out. I have this feeling that either he is totally insane or he is actually going through some kind of initiation. I keep thinking that he belongs to Dionysus.
        Thank you


        1. It sounds to me like he has severe psychological issues that need to be addressed by a professional before he can make any kind of significant or lasting progress spiritually. Unless he’s local any work we did would have to be online, thus limiting its effectiveness, especially with his underlying condition. So I’d encourage him to get medical help first and deal with any remaining spiritual issues after that.


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