To my readers


How are you guys holding up through this?

Need any prayers said?

Share something beautiful you’ve seen this week.

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  1. the pure white blossoms of Tyr, one of my best friend trees, blowing across a heartbreak blue sky like snow flurries. the grass under my feet was covered with petals.

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  2. Blessed I still have a job. I managed to transfer back to my original store but now doing overnight work. This check that is coming in two days will have a nice bonus with another coming the next check. Our landlord negociated a better rate on our rent, so we are going to sign a two year lease with only a $40 increase. My family is well and so am I.

    On the spiritual front, I feel that the above mentioned blessings have come on the heels of my discovery of Mani and Sunna. As part of my New Year’s resolution to offer more prayers to the Gods, I am starting to offer my prayers to the House of Mundilfari using the books “Day Star and Whirling Wheel” and “Dancing in the House of the Moon”. I plan on offering Mani some Sambuca this coming Full Moon (this coming tuesday I believe).

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  3. I’m doing alright. Anxiety is constantly trying to swallow me alive but as for the real life concerns, I’m pretty lucky for the moment. As for something beautiful… I live in Hawai’i and we went on a walk yesterday. The clouds were hanging over the mountains and the trees are flowering. Also, a lot of my friends are making vids about their various arts or talents and I’ve loved watching all these creative things. I hope you and yours are doing well.

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  4. Hello there, I live in Buenos Aires. I am working from home. I am anxious and I cry a lot. I feel a constant weight in my heart. I worry about my mother’s health.
    I will be thankful for your prayers, specially for my mother.
    Something beautiful, you ask… I dreamed of angels a couple of days ago. They are beautiful and weird at the same time.

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  5. If I had a prayer to put before Dionysos…it would be….”May I drink wine while dancing under the Moonlight and call both Dionysos and Mani my Lords”

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  6. Everything was a mess for a while. Now I am getting used to it. There is probably more to come, the economic house of cards may fall over this. It is looking like an even worse version of 2008 is coming.

    I live in a small town. I live on the edge, where there is not much around anyway. I commute to work, like other people around here, but even that is not some crowded city. Everything is closed or restricted, but not much else has changed, except that soap and toilet paper are scarce. It was never all that busy a place. After a week of chaos, I and other people I work with are working from home. Didn’t work out well at first, but we’ve made it happen. Now I have settled into a boring routine. I like being home, but there is not much to do now but work and immerse myself in reading. And watch a lot of movies I never got around to watching. I have watched more movies in the past week than I probably did in the previous year or two. Me and my family have been watching a lot of zombie movies.

    I can’t say have seen anything all that beautiful. But when I was outside earlier, I was happy to see that the fat yellow cat that wanders the area was standing around in my yard. I hadn’t seen him in a while, he stopped making his rounds or I kept missing him. He doesn’t seem to care a bit about any of this.

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  7. I’ve never commented but times are strange so why not.

    I’m holding up okay. Sad that because of everything shutting down, a lot of things I was working towards celebrating the completion of this year all just kind of fell a part like wet tissue paper. I still finished what I set out to do but without a sense of finality, or transition. On top of that my future feels kind of up in the air. I’m nervous.

    That being said, I’m grateful for the times that have been good in the past, so I would probably want to thank Dionysus for that. I’m also thankful that things, objectively speaking, aren’t all that bad for me and mine right now. Perhaps I would ask for a sense of direction, maybe help with my anxiety.

    As far as something beautiful goes, my Christmas Cactus is extremely confused and is blooming now. A few trumpet shaped, yellow flowers at the end of its glossy green leaves. It cheers me up a little every time I see it.

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  8. Hi Sannion, thanks for offering this opportunity!

    Please give a thanksgiving prayer to Dionysos for all His blessings in my life, particularly those that have recently graced me and allowed me to look forward to the future without personal anxieties; and pray that He show me how I may further serve Him and do Him honor.

    As far as beauties, the brief snowfall and ephemeral snow Wednesday morning was magnificent; the day was constantly dancing back and forth between the last of winter and the first of spring, the pale chill of flakes on the cream of magnolia petals.


  9. I’ve written a few prayers that I may be sharing elsewhere…

    But in the meantime, here’s two things you might like that I saw on the internet:

    And, since you’re fond of donkey-related stories, go to 5:24 on the following video for one of the best ones I’ve ever heard…though the whole video is fairly amusing!


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