Hail Njörðr!

6 thoughts on “Hail Njörðr!

  1. The title of the video actually brings to mind a question I’ve had.

    Does Poseidon have some kind of connection to the Starry Bear tradition in particular? I remember in your Catharsis book that you wrote a poem about Him and He pops up once or twice in some barbarian stuff like one of the processions you wrote about or through syncretism with one of the Thrakian deities. So is there more to it than that or is He just kind of on the periphery like in Starry Bull?


      1. Just thought I’d ask. Poseidon came up in a recent conversation in an interesting way and I wasn’t sure if it really had to do with Poseidon or if Njord had a hand in it given the context


        1. Interesting.

          I get the sense that Dionysos and Poseidon have a … complicated relationship, which is one reason I haven’t bothered teasing it out.


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