Some light reading for the quarantined

Couple of interesting articles to share with you guys today. Here’s one on the cats of Freyja. Here’s one on the Jews of Loki. And here’s one on Apollon, Dionysos, and the Multivalent Birds of Euripides’ Ion

7 thoughts on “Some light reading for the quarantined

  1. What’s really interesting about Loki and the story of the Red Jews is that scholars believe that the Red Jews are conflated with the people that Alexandar the Great is said to have trapped behind a wall in the Alexander romances and those people in turn are identified with the Scythians. So Loki is essentially leading a group of flaming Jewish-Scythian clowns into battle during the end of days. What an interesting time it will be…


        1. More like satyr table:

          Here there is also a temple of Silenus, which is sacred to Silenus alone, and not to him in common with Dionysos. Drunkenness is offering him wine in a cup. That the Sileni are a mortal race you may infer especially from their graves, for there is a tomb of a Silenus in the land of the Hebrews. (Pausanias, Description of Greece 6.24.8)


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