Remember them in your prayers


TurningTides wrote:

Thank you for this prayer to Lord Reshep! May He aid those who wade in front of this pandemic tide–the health care workers, the doctors who must see those already suffering with symptoms and/or fear. For this pandemic is affecting all of us, so may we learn what tools we need to make, so that we come out of this time prepared to live closer on the Gods’ paths for us.

To which I responded: 

Beautifully said. And I think during this we especially need to be praying for the doctors, nurses and EMTs who aren’t just putting their lives at risk to help us all, but their psychological well-being too from witnessing both what this is doing to their patients, and to their colleagues.

May Rešeph, Ešmoun, Nintinugga, Sekhmet, Anāhitā, Kamrušepa, Yahweh, Babalu Aye, Sukunabhikona-no-Kami, Parṇaśabarī, Sheetala Devi, Apollon, Asklepios, Hygeia, Eir, Živena and all of the other Healing Deities great and small be with them and with us during this crisis.

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