But which one?

These articles are relevant to one of the theories I mentioned earlier. 


3 thoughts on “But which one?

  1. ahhh so much to read, so little time… -.-
    btw… is there a way to search through your articles on this blog?


    1. There are a couple, but they’re sneaky workarounds, since this template doesn’t allow for search or tags. That wasn’t an issue for the Bakcheion, since it’s a pretty static site, but it has been here since I redesigned the House of Vines to have a similar look. I may go with a different template to get those functions back come the Gold Season, but for now try this:

      1) Go to https://thehouseofvines.com/
      Hit space, then tab and it should give you a search option in the address bar.

      2) Alternately, you can put the address and your search term into google and that should bring up some results, though it’d kind of a mixed bag.

      3) Go to the RSS Feed and there’s a built-in search function. This includes everything going back to 2013, including the material I’ve scrubbed, though for some reason anything before then isn’t available. http://thehouseofvines1.rssing.com/chan-13300162/all_p1.html

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