restrained telegrams of love

As you may recall I wrote down some myths which I deleted because I wanted the material here to be of a more academic tenor. That was a pretense, which doesn’t really reflect how I receive this material, so I’m bringing it all back.

After putting the copies in their appropriate folder I pretty much forgot about them. It’s a little spooky to see how well they fit with the stuff that came later.

However, it would seem that I need to concoct a connecting myth – Óðr and Freyja are married in Vanaheimr but not in Ásgarðr.

That suggests that at the conclusion of the Æsir-Vanir War Óðinn dissolves the union between them, and takes Freyja as his mistress – which would explain the situation the daughter of Njörðr finds herself in in Sörla Þáttur. I do love when diverse threads can be tied together. Plus it amps the pathos up to Ukrainian soap opera levels. #Жаданживи

Now Óðr must win his beloved back a second time – this time from his father!