Spain is a little confused

Spain is a little confused, it seems. Saint Boniface Day is in June, not February. 

7 thoughts on “Spain is a little confused

  1. omg. I know Spain has had a problematic relationship with Jewish people since the Reconquista but …really???? REALLY???? WHO Thought this was ok? holy shit. and….for carnival???? WTF Spain (and Belgium—that was also a fuck fest).


  2. You know what the worst thing about this is? That someone came up with these ideas, months of planning went into them, they got all the performers and costumes together, they built the float, and not once in any of that time did anyone say “Wait… what the fuck are we thinking?! This is a terrible idea!”

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      1. I’d cast James Franco in the leading role. It seems like something he’d do. Plus it’d be funny to have a guy actually named Franco in a movie about a fascist-themed parade in Spain


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