The Little Bear brings Wealth to his people

In nearby Kyzikos in ancient Mysia there was an especially relevant Bacchic association:

To Good Fortune. Auxanon, banker of the city and secretary of the foremost Bacchic Kynosoureites, set up the enclosure (cancelli). (CIG 3679)

The των Βάκχων Κυνοσουρειτῶν is literally “the Dionysiac group of the Dog’s Tail” which scholars take to be a reference to the constellation Ursa Minor. 

In other words, there literally was an ancient Bacchic Starry Bear cult.

It’s kind of amusing that the name of the banker and benefactor was Auxanon for Αυξιτης (Auxitês) is an epithet of Dionysos meaning “Giver of Increase.”

One thought on “The Little Bear brings Wealth to his people

  1. No doubt he heard that joke all the time.

    *A long time ago in a Kyzikos bank*

    Philipos: Hi, I’d like to make a deposit *Sees name-tag and snickers*

    Auxanon: Will that be cash or check, sir?

    Philipos: Cash *snicker* So, dude, I can’t help but notice that…

    Auxanon: *Sighs* Yes, I know, I know. My name’s Auxanon and I work at a bank. Yes, that’s so funny. Just like how it was funny the first few thousand times I’ve heard it! Because it’s SO FUCKING ORIGINAL!!!

    Philipos: Well sorry, man, it’s just kind of funny.

    Auxanon: Your name’s Philipos. Do you work at the stables?!

    Philipos: Yes, actually.

    Auxanon: Oh.

    *The two men are in awkward silence*

    Auxanon: *Professional tone* So if you could just enter your PIN number on the keypad…


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