And walked on down the hall

Alternately, I could do a play based on Sir Orfeo where our hero must journey through the Underworld (transformed into a Celtic Otherworld) and confront the Fairy King who has abducted his beloved wife Dame Heurodis.

To get a sense of what that would be like, check out the following:

7 thoughts on “And walked on down the hall

    1. With all the scene changes and special effects this would necessitate (particularly the Fairy Revel/Hunt) I was actually thinking I might write a screenplay, along the lines of an 80s fantasy flick. But before any serious planning or prep happens I want to see how the poll goes.


      1. I was wondering if you still wanted to maybe do a comedy together. It’s still something I have to do at som3 point in my life. If not, that’s fine. I’ll draw inspiration from watching you


            1. Absolutely. And while this story could lend itself to a mirthful telling, I think I want to keep a generally serious tone throughout, to contrast with the more fantastical elements so that wouldn’t really work for what you have in mind.


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