Score another victory for slacktivism

Speaking of empty declarations, it looks as if Hellenismos has solved it’s neo-Nazi problem – there have been no new tweets from XD since December 2nd and no retweets since December 27th – and if you’re looking for content relevant to their stated mission you’ve got to wade much further back.

So the totality of their accomplishments was “outing” me as someone who uses verboten symbols (which I’ve never hidden; I also take strange drugs and practice sorcery) and bringing attention to the fact that Pyrokanthos is a pretty sketchy dude. (While ignoring repeated warnings that another one of their signatories – who’s still on there BTW – is a sexual predator, no allegedly about it.)

Those 230 individuals and over 40 groups should be so fucking proud. I can almost hear their resounding collective ree of “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!”

Actually, that’s an unfair comparison. At least those people are out in the streets, carrying signs, milkshaking people and causing property damage rather than just keyboard crusading and posting woke AF memes.